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Krijg alle antwoorden op de meest gestelde vragen (FAQ's) over bezoek, diensten, Weed en nog veel, veel meer.

Veel Gestelde Vragen

Veelgestelde vragen over wiet, hasj en cannabisolie

01. Welke betalingsmethoden bieden jullie aan?

Om uw en onze privacy te waarborgen accepteren wij alleen betalingen via Bitcoin of Litecoin. Maak je geen zorgen als je geen van beide bezit! Bitcoin Litecoin kan nu eenvoudig worden gekocht met instant banking & creditcard.

Als je niet bekend bent met cryptocurrencies, raden we je aan om eerst onze bestelgids te lezen. Hier wordt u in een aantal eenvoudige stappen uitgelegd hoe u gemakkelijk aan cryptovaluta kunt komen (0% technische kennis vereist).

02. Is het veilig om online wiet of hasj te bestellen?

Buying cannabis online is safe. This is partly because the weed and hashish are discreetly packaged odorlessly. Thus, 99% of shipments arrive at the customer. Reasons why an order does not arrive may be that PostNL has lost it or the shipment has been intercepted. Read more about insuring your order here.

In the event of interception, the packaging and its contents will only be destroyed without any further consequences for you. You cannot be prosecuted in Germany if you have received a small amount of weed or hashish and therefore we have not heard from any of our customers that they got into trouble because of it.

03. Hoe wordt mijn bestelling verzonden?

All our products are always packed airtight and odourless and sent in discreet packaging by letterbox mail.

Orders are shipped without Track Trace by default, but we also offer the option to add Track Trace to your order. This entails additional costs. Visit our shipping information page to learn more about how to deliver your weed to your home.

04. Jak mogę się z Tobą skontaktować?

You can reach us from Monday to Saturday directly via LiveChat (bottom right) or by e-mail ( ). WeedOnlineKaufen only sends encrypted emails that only you have access to.

This is to protect your privacy, but can sometimes result in our emails ending up in your spam advertising field. We always try to answer your email within 24 hours.

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