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Lemon Haze


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Why you need to order lemon haze?

Online retailers offer the Californian variety Lemon Haze, which strongly ties to West Coast cannabis tradition. Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk were initially crossed to create this delicious Sativa-dominant hybrid. It is popular among users worldwide for its distinctively acidic, lemony, and piney fragrance and taste and its upbeat and uplifting effects. You can buy Lemon Haze online in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. People who want to buy different cannabis can search WeedonlineKaufen.com and easily buy the product. We are providing top-notch cannabis in our store and you can utilize it on the store with ease.

 What do you mean by Terpenes and scent?

This strain’s aroma is heavily influenced by the genetics of Lemon Skunk, one of Super Lemon Haze’s progenitors. It has a delicious, strong lemon flavour. But the aroma of this strain also features sophisticated overtones. It also has earthy, spicy, and sweet undertones. The distinctive terpene profile of Buy Lemon Haze is in charge of its seductive aroma. The top four terpenes in it, according to Leafly, are terpinolene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and ocimene.

Terpinolene, a terpene with a rich scent, is the most prevalent terpene in this strain. Fruity, piney, flowery, herbal, and citrus characteristics can be detected in terpinolene. In reality, terpinolene-dominant strains are relatively uncommon. Many strains contain this terpene, albeit usually in trace amounts. Other prominent terpinolene-dominant strains include Jack Herer and Orange Cookies.

 What are the Effects and flavour of the strains?

The flavour is complex, just like the scent. The sweet yet somewhat sour lemon candy known as Lemonheads is sometimes used to compare this strain’s flavour. But besides having a sweet, lemony flavour, it also has a wonderful, spicy, and deep flavour akin to cloves. You can buy Lemon Haze online at an affordable rate in online.

Users of Lemon Haze believe that this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is extremely energetic and knows where to buy lemon haze online. Stoners who have tried it claim it can leave you feeling upbeat, inspired, energetic, creative, and prepared to face the day. Additionally, users of this strain claim that it is simultaneously calming but not in a way that leaves you tired or couch-locked.






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